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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Getting song lyrics!

One of the most unused features that is built-into iTunes is the lyrics feature! Even when you buy a song from the iTunes store, you don't get any lyrics. Right now, one of the only way of getting it is searching for it on Google and pasting the lyrics in the appropriate text box in the song info. I came across this nice widget called TunesTEXT. It will instantly display the album art and the lyrics if they are already present in iTunes. If they are missing, it will search the web for you and bring up the lyrics. It seems to work perfectly to find lyrics of songs that are well identified in iTunes. It is very useful because all the music bought on the iTunes store is perfectly named and identified. What is great is that the widget can easily be resized to fit so that you don't have to scroll down. You can also control iTunes directly from within the widget so you don't need to keep the iTunes widget around anymore. You can also choose to hide the album art and it will then let you resize it much smaller for when you don't use it. You can download TunesTEXT here from MacUpdate!


Blogger Adam said...

Harmonic is another widget that does this but it doesn't display album art OR give you iTunes controls. Thanks for the tip!

July 25, 2007 at 12:45 AM  
Blogger Vina's Blog said...

you can also get the lyrics by using Fetchyourlyrics can be downloaded in or get artworks by using application called corripio

July 25, 2007 at 12:54 AM  
Blogger tholle said...


here is another widget to find lyrics.

July 25, 2007 at 1:05 AM  
Blogger Mitch said...

does this widget fix the lyrics if they are wrong? Because for some reason my lyrics are in the wrong places and I don't put in lyrics...

July 25, 2007 at 2:24 AM  
Blogger Mitch said...

I think it does change the lyrics to the real ones! It can't find some of the lyrics, but that's ok. With DashIt, this works quite well. Love the widget!

July 25, 2007 at 2:30 AM  
Blogger doopsie said...

hi, my songs have artist and albums that are not in synced with the itunes music store.. and some of the albums/artist is in the name of the song. I used to use zortam and it worked really well finding the album art and lyrics for all my songs. is there any program as powerful and similar to zortam for the mac?

July 25, 2007 at 5:25 AM  
Blogger André said...

Dear MacGeek,
After so many times and so much useful information learned and used here, a great big "Thank you" is in order! Being a former PC user means that I never really challenged the intelligence of the powers that be. And Mac OS and hardware is so well made that adaptations are necessary: And that's when your tips and positive attitude come into account.

André from Québec City

July 25, 2007 at 7:53 AM  
Blogger Diligence109 said...


I had been using a similar but much more buggy widget called Sing That iTune. (mentioned above in the comments, I think.)

for some of my music it would get some random html instead of finding the lyrics from it's sources... >.< This one allows for a lot more manual controls, as well!

July 25, 2007 at 10:16 AM  
Blogger BJM said...

Pure Dead Brilliant!

July 25, 2007 at 6:00 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Awesome, thank you, better than all the other lyric searchers out there, though I never got to try pear lyrics...

July 25, 2007 at 7:26 PM  
Blogger Sugar said...

Fantastic!!!! Thanks for the TIP!!!!

August 2, 2007 at 6:29 AM  
Blogger ng2000 said...

Valuable resource of lyrics news summaries:

September 19, 2008 at 11:58 PM  

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