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Monday, August 18, 2008

Country code with Skype Out!

I am not exactly sure which version of Skype introduced this feature, but since a recent Skype update, my address book contacts appeared as Skype Out contacts in Skype. Not all contacts in my address book have a country code in the phone number and that is problem with Skype. There is a feature in Skype that solves this issue. In the Skype preferences, in the "Calls" tab, you can set a default country code:


Blogger Zevie Tannenbaum said...

You can dial Toll Free Numbers for free using Skype

August 18, 2008 at 3:20 AM  
Blogger Aseem Kumar said...

"You can dial Toll Free Numbers for free using Skype"

August 18, 2008 at 5:51 AM  
Blogger Zevie Tannenbaum said...

Sure, on Address Book add a toll free number, then click on the number, and then you have an option to dial with Skype.

August 18, 2008 at 6:00 AM  
Blogger farimi said...

although i don;t use mac anymore but yet i still missed them.

Keep up the good work.


August 18, 2008 at 7:15 AM  
Blogger Shari Simpson said...

Can one of you clue me in on how to set up keyboard short cuts for Skype...I would like to have one key to hit to hang-up the call.

August 19, 2008 at 11:57 AM  

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