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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The search field in Firefox!

Firefox can auto-complete what you enter in the search field. It is possible to enable/disable this feature by clicking on the search engine icon at the left of the search field and choosing "Manage Search Engines...". You can then check the "Show search suggestions" checkbox.


Blogger Dan said...

theres also a plugin available for safari called inquisitor... and works really nicely. its at

August 24, 2008 at 12:28 AM  
Blogger sean said...

I uninstalled Inquisitorx when I heard they got bought by Yahoo.. using Glims instead, much nicer IMO :)

August 24, 2008 at 12:29 AM  
Blogger Zevie Tannenbaum said...

@ Sean

Thanks for sharing Glims! Its Great!

August 24, 2008 at 5:10 PM  

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